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Automated Warning Sign

The Versilis SwiftSign solution is a secure remote control pivoting signage system that can support many kinds of signs or message boards, along with different illumination options. Manufactured with corrosion-resistant materials, the SwiftSign is designed to withstand harsh roadside conditions and weather environments.

The Versilis communication hardware offers different communication options to allow signs to be operated, monitored and sequenced, locally and remotely. A system application may include one or many sign modules that can be activated individually, in sequence, in groups or as part of an overall solution that brings together various traffic devices.

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Why SwiftSign

The SwiftSign is a great in-between solution to static signs and variable message boards. The activation on demand makes the message only relevant when necessary and at the same time, the system is much more compact and economical than variable message boards. The SwiftSign increases traffic operation safety and efficiency by eliminating the need to have workers and other road equipment in live lanes.

Key SwiftSign Features:

  • Pivoting range of 90 degrees in approximately 30 seconds
  • Narrow base support frame footprint
  • Easily installed and relocated
  • Solar panel option available for temporary and permanent applications
  • Various control options – see communication hardware for details


Temporary Application

The SwiftSign is the ideal solution to increase the efficiency and the safety of repetitive traffic operations. Traffic signs can be deployed and retracted on demand from a safe distance using a handheld remote control. Temporary applications require no wiring for ease of installation and quick relocations.


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Permanent Application

The SwiftSign solution provides ‘on-demand’ advance warning for different permanent applications. Optional communication components allow for different operation modes adapted to specific project requirements. Permanent applications can use solar or AC/DC external power sources. Contact a Versilis representative for more details.


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View SwiftSign and SwiftGate in action at the 22nd ITS World Congress in Bordeaux (2015). This temporary demonstration setup helps you visualize the deployment of the SwiftSign followed by the deployment of a taper of SwiftGates. All devices are then retracted. Visit the video page for more project videos.

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