High Visibility Automated Gates

Automated warning signage

Galipeault Bridge, QC


Montreal, QC, Canada




Reversible Counterflow

About this project

In 2009, the Quebec Ministry of Transportation embarked on the reconstruction of the southern structure of the Galipeault Bridge on Highway 20, between Ile-Perrot and Montreal. As the structure was demolished, all eastbound traffic was redirected to the northern structure where a reversible lane was put into place using a movable barrier which allowed optimal use of the available 3 lanes for the duration of the project. Lane configuration was changed twice a day, 5 days a week. All lane closing and opening operations were conducted safely with the push of a button using a series of Automated Warning Signs (SwiftSign) and Automated Warning Gates (SwiftGate).


  • The project requires important daily traffic operations for a 2 years period which can translate to high traffic control costs and time-consuming operations
  • Long periods of winter conditions
  • Need reliable and robust temporary solution


Versilis worked hand in hand with the Quebec Ministry of Transportation, the design engineers, and the contractor to install a solar-powered automated lane closure solution at both ends of the movable barrier. A total of 14 automated warning signs (SwitfSign) and 12 automated gates (SwiftGate) were installed. All lane closing and opening operations were conducted in safety with the push of a button using the SwiftGate system. The automation eliminated the need to have workers deploying and dismantling traffic signs and drums in live lanes. A step forward in highway safety and a low-cost solution.


  • Increased daily traffic operations efficiency
  • Increased lane closure visibility and motorist safety
  • Reduced highway worker exposure to live traffic
  • Overall reduced project traffic control costs
  • Quick install and easy relocations of the product as the project progressed

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