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Automated warning signage

Ontario Weather Stations, ON


Northumberland County, ON, Canada




Weather Station

About this project

In 2014 the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) published a design-build RFP for a Winter Weather Reduced Visibility Detection and Warning System. The solution was to be installed as a pilot project, along Highway 401, in Northumberland County. Specifically, the system needed to have the ability to continuously and dynamically detect reduced roadway visibility, caused by winter weather conditions, and be able to automatically provide related warnings to drivers.  As part of this project, a total of 6 Versilis Automated Warning Signs (SwiftSign) were installed in 2015 to provide real-time advance warning to drivers.


  • Reduce collisions related to low visibility weather conditions
  • Not sufficient space in the median for warning VMS
  • Need for an innovative automated warning sign solution
  • Looking for a solar-powered and wireless solution due to remote location


Working with the MTO and the electrical contractor (R.W. Electric), Versilis installed a total of 6 SwiftSigns on the median barrier which pivot 90 degrees to indicate a reduced speed when low visibility is detected. When this condition is not detected, the signs are retracted along the median and are not visible to motorists. These deploy/retract commands are sent via RF from a Versilis commander equipped with a modem antenna located on the right-hand side of the road, next to the bigger static sign. A cellular modem is also used to allow communication back to the traffic management center.


  • SwiftSign offer a dynamic warning signage solution suitable for a narrow median
  • The modem antenna allows for RF communication from the local cabinet
  • Solar-powered solution
  • No wiring required
  • Low-cost solution and quick installation

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