High Visibility Automated Gates

Automated warning signage

Westbank Expressway, LA


New Orleans, LA




Highway On-Ramp

About this project

In 2015 Versilis worked with its Louisiana highway safety solutions distributor RoadSnap LLC to supply and install an on-ramp closure system for the Louisiana DOT. The system was to facilitate ramp closures, manage congestion, manage construction events and promote efficient emergency response to traffic incidents. The system, consisting of various warning devices and automated gates was deployed in the summer of 2015 to replace manual deployment of conventional channelizing devices.


  • Recurrent congestion on Hwy 90
  • Ramp closures using conventional methods is costly and time-consuming
  • Looking for ramp closure solution that can be integrated with intersection traffic lights
  • Looking for a remotely controlled solution


Versilis and RoadSnap developed a fully integrated solution that included traffic lights, flashing beacons and warning gates. A Versilis commander is used to control the sequence of events: 1) commander requests a red preemptive traffic light and activates the advanced flashing beacons 2) when the red traffic light is confirmed, ramp traffic beacons are activated 3) gates are then deployed in sequence. The red traffic lights are maintained until gate deployment is complete. The system can be activated using either a handheld remote control, local push buttons or a web application. This complete solution was built to allow operational flexibility and redundancy.


  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Reduced traffic control costs
  • Completely integrated solution
  • Various local and remote control options

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