High Visibility Automated Gates

Automated warning signage

Jacques Cartier Bridge, QC


Montreal, QC, Canada




Bridge Reversible Lane

About this project

The Jacques Cartier Bridge is a five-lane bridge spanning the St. Lawrence River between the cities of Montreal and Longueuil. The bridge’s 5 lanes include a reversible lane, which is open during morning and evening rush hours, in order to facilitate traffic in both directions. Due to the configuration of the bridge approaches, overhead lights were not sufficient to send a clear message to motorists of a closed middle lane. In 2010, the Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridge Authority decided to install Automated Warning Signs (SwiftSign) and Automated Warning Gates (SwiftGate) at the southern approach to the bridge in order to reduce the risk of head-on collisions in the reversible lane. In 2014, the solution was also installed at the northern approach.


  • Complex road configurations at the approaches to the bridge leading to safety issues
  • Looking for a solution that will increase motorists awareness
  • Looking for an effective solution to get motorists away from the middle lane when it is closed
  • Looking for a remotely controlled solution


In the summer of 2011, 3 SwiftSigns and 6 SwiftGates were installed at the southern approach to the bridge. The solar-powered traffic signs and gates are activated from the bridge’s control center where they are synchronized with the overhead lights. The Versilis Commander is used to relay information from the bridge’s PLC to the SwiftSign and SwiftGates. A handheld remote control can also be used to operate and monitor the system. A similar project to secure the north approach was realized in 2014.


  • Increased overall safety of the bridge’s reversible lane operation
  • Increased motorist safety
  • Ease of operation from bridge’s traffic management center using the Versilis Commander interface
  • Fully integrated solution with synchronization of various field devices

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