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IH-30 Managed Lanes Dallas, TX


Dallas, TX




Managed Lanes Access Ramp

About this project

The East R.L. Thornton Freeway, better knows as IH-30, is a major six lane radial freeway primarily serving commuters destined for the Dallas central business district. In 1991, the Texas DOT introduced the Road Zipper System to alleviate tidal flow congestion in the morning and evening peak hours. This Road Zipper System creates entrance/exit points for HOV or contraflow lanes. Since its beginning, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) has been operating the zipper system and has been in charge of its associated daily traffic control. In 2015, DART decided to outsource this entire operation and Lindsay Transportation Solution won the contract. Looking to increase the safety and the efficiency of the daily lane closures and openings, Lindsay reached out to Versilis to put in place an automated lane closure solution.


  • Lack of space – narrow median barrier wall
  • Minimal budget – wireless and solar powered solution preferable
  • High speed highway – danger of gates getting hit frequently
  • Need to offer a safe and crash tested installation


Thanks to its small footprint, the automated warning gate (SwiftGate) from Versilis was a simple retrofit as it could easily be installed directly on top of the existing median barrier wall. The system wireless communication and solar power option were also essential elements to the viability of the project, eliminating any comm/power wiring costs. When Lindsay Transportation Solution reached out to Versilis, both project teams worked hand in hand to establish the best gate layout and positioning. A total of 5 access points are now being opened and closed automatically using a total of 47 SwiftGate. The operation and monitoring is being conducted by the Road Zipper machine operators using the Versilis HandHeld Remote Control.


  • Reduced operational costs
  • Increased worker safety – no more workers setting up traditional closures in live lanes
  • Increased motorist safety – crash tested access control solution (NCHRP 350)
  • Highly visible gates providing a very clear message to upcoming motorists
  • Operational flexibility using a simple Handheld Remote Control

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