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IH-30 Rev HOV Dallas, TX


Dallas, TX




Reversible HOV Access Ramp

About this project

The IH-30 project in the Dallas area was built to provide two reversible, barrier-separated HOV/managed lanes on the Tom Landry Freeway over a distance of approximately 13 miles.  All this had to be done without any additional right-of-way or any restriction of access to existing residences or businesses. The project required that there should be no displacements or relocations, no substantial changes in the existing roadway alignment, and no new drainage easements. Having to deal with so many restrictions, designers looking for warning gates were quickly attracted to the SwiftGate solution because of its small footprint.



The challenge faced by reversible HOV access ramp designers is to select a solution which meets a combination of various requirements such as:

  • Installation of warning gates on a narrow median
  • Need to provide a clear and visible message to motorists that a ramp is closed
  • Need to offer a safe and crash tested installation (for high speed highway applications)
  • Eliminate all chances of having wrong way drivers in the express lanes
  • Having a low maintenance solution which offers operational flexibility


By using the SwiftGate, designers addressed their lack of space concern. The SwiftGate narrow footprint prevented the need to widen the median barriers to accommodate a large foundation. Designers also realized that having highly visible, crash tested gates such as the SwiftGate would be essential in the operational safety of the high-speed reversible ramps. Furthermore, having the option of using a proven wireless control system, in parallel with a wired Traffic Management Center remote operation, helped alleviate some of the maintenance and delivery constraints. The SwiftGate system quickly became the solution of choice for this important mobility improvement project. More than 300 SwiftGates have been deployed in the Dallas Fort Worth area on various projects such as the Horseshoe Interchange, and the IH-30 & I-35E reversible lanes.


  • Safe and crash tested access control solution (NCHRP 350)
  • Highly visible gates providing a very clear message to upcoming motorists
  • Low maintenance access control solution (high visibility = fewer impacts on gates)
  • Operational flexibility using local and remote control/monitoring

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