High Visibility Automated Gates

Automated warning signage

Hoan Bridge, WI


Milwaukee, WI




Reversible Counterflow

About this project

In the late fall of 2013, construction began on the Daniel Hoan Bridge as part of a larger $278 million I-794 Lake Freeway project. As part of this project, the Wisconsin DOT installed a moveable median barrier called the Road Zipper that reconfigures the roadway in real-time to give two lanes to the peak traffic direction at all times. Automated Warning Signs (SwiftSign) and Automated Warning Gates (SwiftGate) from Versilis were installed by Walsh Construction to facilitate the daily traffic control of this 2 years temporary managed lane operation.


  • The temporary managed lane operation requires extensive traffic control on a daily basis
  • Repetitive traffic control operations in winter conditions raise safety concerns for workers and motorists
  • Looking for a solution to increase safety, increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • The solution needs to be reliable in harsh environmental conditions


After meeting with Versilis, the Wisconsin DOT, the design engineer (GRAEF) and the prime contractor (Walsh Construction) agreed to change the original traffic control design to include the use of SwiftSign and SwiftGates. For the duration of the project, automated signage and tapered gates activated from a handheld remote control, channeled traffic into the current lane configuration, saving time and money for the contractor, and reducing worker exposure.



  • Safe and fast traffic operations providing more time to the contractor to work at night
  • Better warning for drivers especially during those dark winter months
  • Reduced highway worker exposure to live traffic
  • Reduced traffic control costs for the contractor and the Wisconsin DOT
  • Positive first experience using SwiftSign and SwiftGate for the Wisconsin DOT

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