High Visibility Automated Gates

Automated warning signage

Burlington Skyway Bridge, ON


Burlington, ON, Canada




Bridge Lane Closures

About this project

The Burlington Skyway is a pair of high-level freeway bridges located in Hamilton and Burlington, Ontario, Canada. The Skyway, as it is locally known, is part of the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) highway linking Fort Erie with Toronto. In 2013 the MTO awarded a painting contract to Harrison Muir Inc. which mainly involved applying structural paint to the bridge. As part of this project, the contractor had to set up large scaffolding which in high winds created a sail effect that put too much stress on the bridge. To reduce the load during high winds, it was decided to use gates to close the right and left lanes of the bridge, leaving only 2 center lanes open to motorists.


  • Need a temporary solution to close the bridge right and left lane during high winds
  • Need a temporary solution to change indicated speed limit during high winds
  • The solution must be safe and visible
  • The solution must sustain harsh environmental conditions


Traffic engineers from MMM Group suggested the use of Automated warning signs (SwiftSign) as a simple solution to the variable speed limit requirement. Automated warning gates (SwiftGate) were also suggested as the lane closure solution for the duration of the project. In total, 5 SwiftSigns and 43 SwiftGates were installed on the approaches and on the bridge itself. All SwiftSigns and SwiftGates were activated and monitored using a handheld remote control. All sign and gate modules were solar-powered which allowed for a quick and easy installation.


  • Low cost and efficient automated lane closure solution
  • Low cost and efficient variable speed limit solution
  • Quick solar-powered deployment
  • Increased safety for motorists
  • Increased safety for workers

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