High Visibility Automated Gates

Automated warning signage

I-595 Express, FL


Broward County, FL




Median Emergency Access

About this project

Florida’s I-595 Public-Private Partnership improvement project includes the construction of three reversible express tolled lanes in Broward County. As part of this project, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Integrator SICE inc. has installed Automated Warning Gates (SwiftGate) from Versilis to secure five emergency access points in the median.


  • Emergency vehicles face high speed traffic when entering express lanes
  • Express lane users do not expect emergency vehicles to enter the express lanes from the median
  • Need to activate gate solution remotely from the local Traffic Management Center (TMC)


In order to increase the safety for the emergency vehicles using the median accesses and the safety of users of the express lanes, a series of highly visible automated warning gates have been installed upstream of each access point to close the shoulder. Each median access point is controlled by an automated steel gate. The steel gates, and the warning gates, can be activated from the Florida local TMC. Operators also have the capability of controlling the devices locally for maintenance purposes.


  • Increased emergency vehicle safety when accessing the express lanes
  • Increased awareness and safety of upcoming vehicles
  • Operational efficiency due to the automated remote operation

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