I-95 Express Lanes Miami, FL


Miami-Dade County, FL




Managed Lanes Access Control

About this project

FDOT District Six is conducting operational improvement to the I-95 Express to increase safety, maintain free-flow conditions in the express lanes and ensure trip reliability. As part of this pilot project, an automated warning gate system was installed at three entrance points to assist road rangers and asset management staff with active lane closures during incidents and planned closures along the corridor. The system includes numerous advance warning sings (SwiftSign, flashing beacon, blankout sign) and automated gates, which can be controlled locally using a handheld remote control, and remotely from the district Traffic Management Center.



  • Initial challenge: when VMS indicate that the express lanes are closed, motorists keep entering in the express lanes
  • The high level of violation causes a backup in the express lanes during peak period, a situation that is difficult to recover from
  • Incident Management Responders safety tending to incidents is a concern


As part of this pilot project, automated advance warning signs and highly visible automated warning gates have been installed at three entrance points of I-95 Express. The  warning gates prevent drivers from entering the express lanes during traffic incidents and planned maintenance. All devices are activated from the Sunguide District 6 Traffic Management Center. Operators also have the capability of controlling the devices locally for maintenance purposes.  The system aims to increase incident responders,  and express lane users safety, while facilitating the quick clearance of incidents.



Expected Benefits

  • Increased incident management responder safety during emergency closures
  • Efficient clearance and reopening of express lanes during incidents
  • Reduced requirement of field personnel and equipment
  • Reduced traffic control costs


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