High Visibility Automated Gates

Automated warning signage

Our Services

The Versilis team has worked on a multitude of signage and gate projects over the years. Some of those projects were temporary, while others have been permanent installations. Many clients, designers, and construction managers rely on us to provide expertise and support regarding layout, operation, integration, and installation. Our dedicated and experienced team members will take the time to analyze each site and propose innovative solutions that best meet the clients’ requirements.

Custom Solutions

In collaborating with customers, we explore all potential solutions. Our technical team will provide project-specific shop drawings, and electrical & integration drawings necessary to support the right choice of equipment for maximum efficiency and cost benefits.

Design Support

Our team’s focus is to deliver the best solution for each project. Site visits, meetings with clients & designers, and concept & design reviews are very important steps in ensuring successful project delivery and efficient ongoing operations.

Installation Support

During installation, we will provide dedicated support to ensure that our products are functioning properly before the system’s commissioning. We also provide our customers with customized installation manuals for each project.


Our quality control procedures ensure that every equipment is carefully inspected and tested before leaving our premises. Specific remote integration scenarios can also be tested prior to installation.


Our experts provide dedicated on-site or virtual training for every new project to provide the operators with the essential skills and tools needed to use our products correctly.

Field Inspection

A field inspection is performed by our experts during the first year of service to ensure system integrity, essential for optimal performance and motorist safety. Training sessions can also be conducted during this visit.


Every Versilis product is guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for one year after shipment. An extended warranty is also available upon request. We are committed to helping our clients maintain our systems for many years and support them through any issues they may encounter.