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Focusing on Managed Lanes Safety and Efficiency

Versilis and its sister company QMB Barrier have been managing freeway facilities’ traffic flow for over 30 years. While QMB Barrier’s business has been focused on Road Zipper contract operations, Versilis has been developing automated traffic control solutions designed to increase the safety and efficiency of such managed lanes operation. 

Versilis’ Road Zipper operational background results in a deep understanding of the many challenges faced by operators and maintenance contractors. 

Proud member of the TRB Roadside Safety and Managed Lanes Committees, Versilis brings expertise and solutions to transportation agencies, designers and contractors. 

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Safety, Safety, Safety

The operation of High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes, High-Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes, or exclusive or special use lanes, requires a fare share of traffic control. Daily operations, maintenance or incident management can generally benefit from automated solutions to reduce worker exposure to live traffic and increasing efficiency.

The Versilis automated solutions represent a safe alternative to manual setup/dismantle of traffic control equipment. When it comes to gates, transportation agencies choose Versilis’ horizontal warning gates for their quality, high visibility, and crashworthiness. 

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Our Customers

Dallas Area Rapid Transit

Lindsay Transportation Solutions, operator of the IH-30 Road Zipper System for DART, uses Versilis SwiftGates to increase the safety and efficiency of daily contraflow lane operations.

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Florida DOT

FDOT uses Versilis SwiftSigns and SwiftGates to automate I-95 Express lanes access point closures during incidents and maintenance operations. The system is operated from the District 6 Sunguide TMC.

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Pennsylvania DOT

PennDOT uses Versilis Horizontal and Vertical Gates to secure the various access points of the SR 279 HOV reversible lanes in Pittsburgh. All gates are operated from the district TMC.

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