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Automated warning signage

Lane Control Sign

Automated Warning Sign

The Lane Control Sign (LCS) is an automated warning signage solution designed to facilitate the management of road, bridge, and tunnel lanes in real-time. The objective of this system is to optimize the use of existing lanes and improve traffic fluidity by providing motorists with clear indications that a lane is closed or open to traffic. Various types of warning signs, such as the LCS, fall under the Versilis signage solutions umbrella, as they all share the same key design features and communication technology. Each signage product is designed to meet Versilis’ basic principles of motorist safety, ease of integration and operational efficiency.

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Key Features:

  • Modular design adapted to any project requirements
  • Flexible dimming modes
  • Ease of integration

Communication Solutions

The Versilis Communication and Integration Solutions offer different communication options to allow Lane Control Signs and other ITS Field Devices to be operated, monitored and sequenced, locally and remotely.

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