High Visibility Automated Gates

Automated warning signage


Horizontal SwiftGate Crashworthy (40′)

The Horizontal SwiftGate Crashworthy (40′) (HSG-40CW) is part of the SwiftGate family of products. It is designed to provide motorists a clear delineation, signaling that an access is closed. The gate has been crash tested to MASH requirements (Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware), adopted jointly by AASHTO and the FHWA. The HSG-40CW is designed for installations on high-speed facilities. Unlike the resistance gate (also called barrier gate or final barrier), the warning gate is forgiving and does not prevent the motorist to go further in the event of a crash.

The HSG-40CW pivots horizontally and offers increased visibility using a high surface of reflective material and LED lighting. Its arm design provides strength, flexibility, and durability. Manufactured with corrosion-resistant materials, the HSG-40CW is designed to withstand harsh roadside conditions and weather environments.

Operation and integration are made easy with the Versilis’ Communication and Integration Solutions which offers different communication options to allow gates to be operated, monitored and sequenced, locally and remotely.

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HSG-40CW Key Features:

  • Gate arm lengths from 7ft to 40ft
  • Crash tested to MASH requirements (Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware)
  • Increased surface of reflective material and LED Lighting
  • Narrow base support frame footprint
  • Pivoting range of 90 degrees typically in less than 50 seconds
  • Solar power option available for all applications
  • Various communication interface options


  • Reversible HOV access control
  • Express lane access control
  • Bridge & tunnel closure
  • Event traffic management
  • Weather-related access control
  • On-ramp/Off-ramp access control