Increased Highway Operation Efficiency

Automated gates help achieve maximum highway performance

Reduced Costs

Eliminate repetitive deployment and dismantling of traffic control on work sites

Increased Safety

Highly visible warning gates send a clear message to motorists, a must in highway safety

Permanent applications

Innovative solutions to facilitate various traffic management operations. Automated advance warning signs and automated warning gates are being used for multiple applications such as HOV/HOT access ramps, bridge/tunnel closures, lane control and more.

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Temporary applications

Repetitive setup and removal of traffic control required for Work Zones often entails a complex operation involving a significant number of workers and equipment. Automated advance warning signs and automated warning gates have helped contractors save time, reduce costs and increase their work zone safety.

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I-595, Florida

Automated Warning Gates (SwiftGate) from Versilis help secure five emergency access points in the median.

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01 May

ITS Canada Annual Conference 2016

The ITS Canada Annual Conference will be held at the Coast Plaza Hotel and Conference Center in Calgary Alberta on May 1-4 2016. Visit our booth, it will be our pleasure to see you there!

04 May

15th International Conference on Managed Lanes

The 15th International Conference on Managed Lanes will take place on May 4-6, 2016 in Miami, Florida. The workshop will explore planning, design, and operations of managed lanes as well as emerging research needs related to integrating managed lanes into the transportation system. See you there!