Trans-Canada Highway (A-40) full reconstruction Between Charles-de-Gaulle Bridge and Henri-Bourassa Boulevard

The worksite uses 1,5km of concrete moveable barriers so secure a counterflow on the eastbound (2010) and on the westbound (2011). This counterflow ensures that 3 lanes are available to traffic in each direction during peak hours.

The multiple daily lane closures and openings are completed using maximum safety with the SwiftSigns and SwiftGates installed at both ends of the worksite. Each lane closure and lane opening is done remotely using a remote control. These traffic management operations take no more than 5 minutes to complete which allows more work time for the contractor.

This temporary application of the automated solution demonstrates the ease of installation and relocation of the SwiftSign and SwiftGate modules according to the phasing of the worksite.

The remote control solution reduces road interventions and reduces exposure of roadway workers to live traffic. In doing so labour and traffic control costs are also reduced.

Lane closure warning sign
SwiftGateTM taper closed. Left lane opened.
SwiftGateTM taper for left lane closure
Left lane closure and transfer of moveable barrier