Automated Traffic Gates Make Daily Lane Closures Quick and Easy

The Victoria Park Tunnel project is a significant infrastructure improvement to connect the Auckland harbour bridge to the Central Motorway in Auckland, New Zealand. At the heart of the project is an additional on-ramp built to increase the accessibility of the northbound highway lanes directly from urban downtown streets. This additional access is only available during peak hours when the movable barrier is shifted out, so SwiftGates are used to control the entry point of that on-ramp. This meant that the operation of the SwiftGates needed to be fully integrated into the complex ITS infrastructure that was being implemented during the project. Situated at the busy Beaumont / Fanshawe intersection, the SwiftGates are integrated via the Versilis Commander interface module to operate in sync with warning signs, traffic lights and indicative panels. The operation of the SwiftGates involves coordination between the movable barrier machine operators and the personnel at the traffic control center.

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