The SwiftSign™ System

The SwiftSignTM is a solar powered, remotely controlled dynamic signage system. It is a safe, fast and easy way to activate traffic signs or message boards from a distance


The SwiftSign dynamic signage substantially reduces the exposure of roadway workers to live traffic and at the same time reduces the exposure of motorists to heavy road obstacles such as Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMAs) or other unprotected stationary vehicles.

The system is simple and efficient. It is comprised of a pivoting sign, a solar panel and a control box. Flashing lights can be added to the traffic sign to increase nighttime visibility and to catch drivers’ attention under specific circumstances such as emergency procedures.

The system is a great in-between solution to static signs and variable message boards. The activation on demand makes the message only relevant when necessary and at the same time, the system is much more compact and economical than variable message boards. The system can be adapted to host any kind of signage or message board as long as it is reasonable in size and complies with local traffic regulations.

The dynamic signage is completely independent of any wiring for ease of installation or relocation. The SwiftSign™ can be easily activated with an RF unit, cellular phone, or a web-based application.


  • Solar powered
  • Remote controlled and easy to operate
  • Easily installed, easily relocated


  • Signage for reversible lane
  • Signage for repetitive lane closure operations
  • Signage for emergency operations (ex: tunnel incident)
  • Traffic signage that needs activation at hard to reach or dangerous sites
  • Variable dynamic road messages (possibility of having 2 or 3 different messages)
  • Any signage operation that is either repetitive, that needs to be activated quickly on demand or that is not easy to access.

The SwiftSign mechanism is the same as the one used by the SwitGate™ technology and has proven to be reliable and efficient on multiple projects for a number of years and under harsh winter conditions.