SwiftSign™ School Zone

SwiftSign School Zone

SwiftSign™ School Zone

Provide a visible real-time warning
“Some signs simply deserve more credibility”

SwiftSign School Zone is a dynamic signage solution that provides motorists a true real time message that a school bus is actively dropping-off or picking-up students on the road ahead. School bus stops are not always located in low speed and high visibility areas. Unfortunately a great number of bus stops are located on high speed rural roads. Low visibility due to road geometry (curves and hills) and environmental conditions (darkness, rain, fog, snow or other) increase the risk of accidents.


The SwiftSign School Zone solution is simple, effective and easily installed. It consists of two main components, a SwiftSign(dynamic school zone warning sign) and GPS tracking device(installed on the bus). As the school bus enters a predetermined roadway section which includes one or many bus stops, flashing school zone warning signs are activated via RF and cellular modem communication channels. As the bus leaves the predetermined roadway section the flashing warning signs are seamlessly retracted. Monitoring capabilities allow authorities to remotely request and gather various information on the system. Other capabilities include iphone and android monitoring tools for parents which can provide alerts when the school bus is at a set distance from their school bus stop. With a wide range of functions and capabilities, the SwiftSign School Zone system has the potential to save lives and prevent serious injuries. It’s all about giving back to the school zone sign the credibility it deserves.