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You are a contractor and want more time to work at night

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Nightime roadwork hours are very often limited due to increasingly heavy traffic patterns. Shorter work windows have negative impacts on productivity, project timescales and consequently, project costs.

The actual length of setting up and removal of temporary traffic control should therefore be restricted to the minimum necessary to accomplish the work efficiently and safely. Depending on the nature of the operation, setup and removal of traffic control may entail a complex operation involving a significant number of workers and equipment.

SwiftSign automated signage and SwiftGate automated lane closure systems offer cost effective solutions to reduce the time required to setup and remove nightly traffic control. Time saved by the remote control of traffic control setup and removal is gained in the nightly work window. Depending on the application time savings can go as high as 60 minutes nightly.

From past experiences the SwiftSign and SwiftGate solutions have helped contractors save time, reduce costs and increase their work zone safety. See the multiple project pages for more details.

"Anytime you can find a product that saves time and money and makes the workplace a safer place, it’s a win-win situation. For us using the SwiftSign signage system is one of those times" – I-5 Portland Oregon Project Contractor.

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