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You are a State DOT/Transportation official and want to make your roads safer

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From national statistics, rear end crashes are the most common type of work zone crash and approximately 42% of those crashes occur in the transition zone – where traffic is being moved or merged into another lane or temporary alignment.

The period during setup and removal of temporary traffic control often involves the greatest risk for the travelling public and for the workers. During this time full traffic control is not in place.

SwiftSign automated signage and SwiftGate automated lane closure systems provide cost effective solutions to minimize the risk associated with setup and takedown. The ability to remotely activate traffic warning signs and gates eliminate the need to bring heavy equipment such as Truck Mounted Attenuators and traffic crews into live traffic lanes during those high risk operations.

The effectiveness of the solutions also ensures timely removal of temporary traffic control. Slow removal of lane closures and other temporary traffic warning signs may have an extremely disruptive effect as traffic volumes increase into the morning peak.

SwiftSigns and SwiftGates have been used with great success on a number of temporary and permanent applications across Canada and the US. See the multiple project pages for more details.

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