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You are a design engineer and want to bring innovative solution to reduce TRAFFIC CONTROL costs

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Traffic control costs are often felt to be insignificant compared to actual construction operation expenses; yet, the reality is quite different as traffic control costs account for 6-10% of total project budgets*. Considering typical profit margins (3-4%) of the industry, traffic control costs are of substantial importance.

Repetitive setup and removal of traffic control required for night time road work often entail a complex operation involving a significant number of workers and equipment. As the duration of a project increases, so does the cost of this repetitive operation.

SwiftSign automated signage and SwiftGate automated lane closure systems offer cost effective solutions to remotely activate traffic control. Using a single remote control a worker can activate all traffic warning signs and lane closure gates as needed. SwiftSign and SwiftGate modules can be activated from a distance that can go up to 1 mile from the nearest module.

From past experiences the SwiftSign and SwiftGate solutions have helped contractors save time, reduce costs and increase their work zone safety. See the multiple project pages for more details.

"Anytime you can find a product that saves time and money and makes the workplace a safer place, it’s a win-win situation. For us using the SwiftSign signage system is one of those times" – I-5 Portland Oregon Project Contractor.

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  • For information on how SwiftGate and SwiftSign increase safety, click here.

* Agdas, D., and Ellis, R.D., 2010, Analysis of temporary traffic control cost items in transportation construction bidding process. Proceedings of the 2010 Construction Research Congress (CRC) Conference, Banff, Alberta, Canada.